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It all started in 2016 when we had our first glimpse into the world of perimenopause. We started to notice changes to our bodies and we didn’t know why. We would gain and lose 10 pounds overnight, our rage was bubbling up for the smallest reasons, we cried at the drop of a hat, our boobs hurt, and we were forgetting names (sorry kids!) and things that were second nature to us. It seemed like our bodies were changing right before our eyes and new aches and pains, as well of other symptoms, were popping up daily.

We had no idea what was happening to us, and at the time, neither of us made the correlation between our symptoms and perimenopause.

To be honest, it wasn’t even a thought.

But as our symptoms worsened and we started doing more research, we realized what we were going through was in fact “the change.”


Just hearing these two words made us sound old.

But we didn’t feel old, so none of it made sense.

We would often ask ourselves questions like: “Am I in perimenopause or menopause?” “I missed my period last month, am I pregnant?” “I don’t feel like myself. Am I going crazy?”

All valid questions to describe our symptoms and how we felt.

We asked health experts a ton of questions, but the answers were always similar, and vague: “It could be perimenopause, but it’s hard to know for sure.” "You're too young to be in menopause," or “You’re in your 40’s, so maybe it's perimenopause but we don't know for sure.”

It seemed like menopause was an anomaly rather than a natural phase of life that women who are blessed with aging, go through.

After turning to outside sources without much success, we decided to turn to the research, and each other.

We researched everything we could about perimenopause and menopause. We conducted our own anecdotal research with our family, GenX girlfriends, and in our private Facebook community. It initiated courageous and vulnerable conversations about a very taboo topic.

After surveying hundreds of women, we discovered many of them, like us, suffered in silence. The symptoms we were experiencing—vaginal dryness, loss of sex drive (libido), painful sex, weight gain, bitchiness, tremendous anxiety, and less known symptoms like nausea, itchy ears, burning tongue and scalp, and inflammation—were common, but not discussed openly. Through our research over the past five years, we discovered there are more than 85 signs and symptoms of menopause so we coined the term: There are "85+ signs and symptoms of menopause."

We are no strangers to embarrassing conversations. As the Co-Founders of, we love to talk about less, shall we say, attractive topics like digestive issues and poop, but somehow talking about peeing our pants (from a leaky bladder or prolapsed uterus) wasn’t as easy.

That’s why we created Morphus—to spark and change the conversation around menopause, to bring together women who are looking for support and information, and to create a venue for women to support each other. As Health Experts with more than 22 years of experience as wellness educators, we bring you the latest evidence-based scientific research and information on perimenopause and menopause.

Our goals are to help you navigate this time in your life, empower you to take charge of your health, and arm you with the resources and education so you can make the right decisions for yourself and your changing body.

To give you some insight into how we came up with our name, we looked at the symbolism of the butterfly and how it represents beauty, transformation, and hope. Morphus combines the words metamorphosis + us (Morph/us) to represent the transformation we are all going through at this stage in our lives.

Welcome to Morphus.

Andrea Donsky & Randy Boyer
Co-Founders, Morphus, Inc.

“Women in menopause are like butterflies. First, they undergo metamorphosis, then they take flight to become their true, authentic and free selves.”
~ Andrea Donsky, Co-Founder of Morphus.