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✨Welcome to Menopause Reimagined.✨ I'm your host Andrea Donsky, a Multiple-Award Winning Nutritionist (19+ years), and I'm IN menopause. I'm a Menopause Educator, Menopause Researcher, and the Co-founder of, a company dedicated to helping you manage your menopausal symptoms. 

The goal of this podcast is to empower you to take control of your perimenopause & menopause symptoms with nutrition, lifestyle, supplements and hormones (if that's what you choose to do) so you can thrive through this phase of your life. 

No topic is off limits because I'm on a mission to banish the stigma of menopause by talking about it openly and honestly. 

You're NOT crazy and you're NOT alone because we have each other. 💜 

Follow me on TikTok (@andreadonsky) & Instagram (@andreadonsky & @wearemorphus). Thanks for subscribing and listening.