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Minty Watermelon & Feta Cheese Salad

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Minty Watermelon & Feta Cheese Salad

Salty, hydrating, and sweet. This is a perfect summer salad to serve during a heat wave or next time you fire up the grill.

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1/2 cup fresh mint leaves, chopped
8 cups watermelon, seeded & diced, very cold
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1/2-1 cup reduced-fat feta cheese, crumbled (or cheese product of your choice)
black pepper (optional)
cayenne pepper (optional)
ground habanero chile pepper, for those that like a real kick (optional)


Dice a watermelon into small pieces. Chill the watermelon until cold (I also keep it cold when serving by placing a bowl filled with ice within the bowl containing the melon). Just before serving, in a small bowl, whisk the mint leaves, lime juice, and olive oil. Pour mixture over melon, tossing to coat.

Sprinkle crumbled feat cheese on top of servings (some people don't care for Feta, use your favorite).