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Fiberus is an unflavored soluble prebiotic fiber made from guar fiber. Each serving contains 6 grams of fiber that dissolves clearly, quickly and easily into hot or cold liquid, and doesn’t have any taste, texture, or smell. It also won’t clump or thicken. Fiberus helps to keep food moving through the digestive tract therefore improving both occasional constipation and occasional diarrhea without excess gas, cramping or bloating. Fiberus helps to lower the glycemic index of foods, and helps to support healthy weight management by reducing hunger. It can also help to improve the absorption of essential minerals.

Prebiotics help to feed the good bacteria in our gut, promoting healthy gut flora, which in turn promotes healthy digestive health and overall wellness. You can add Fiberus to cooking and baking to increase the fiber content of those foods (just be sure it’s dissolved beforehand so you don’t get any clumps) as it won't change the taste or texture of the food or liquid you put it in. Once added to liquid, it turns invisible so you won’t even know it’s there!

Sunfiber® Guar Fiber

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Dissolve ¼ to ½ scoop into 6-8 oz of water or any hot or cold liquid of your choice. Work your way up to 1 scoop daily. (Note: We don’t recommend adding it to carbonated beverages since the bubbles impact its ability to dissolve properly.)

How much fiber do I need in a day?

We recommend aiming for 25 to 35 grams of fiber a day by eating a variety of fruits and vegetables. Since many of us don’t get the amount of fiber we need, supplementing with a soluble fiber can help you to reach that goal.

Can I take it more than once a day?

You can safely take Fiberus more than once a day, but be sure to build up your tolerance to the added fiber. We don’t recommend using Fiberus as your only source of fiber. The bulk of your daily fiber should come from your diet including a rainbow assortment of fruits and vegetables.

Why do you recommend starting with ¼ to ½ scoop?

It’s always a good idea to start slowly when taking a fiber supplement.

How much water should I drink with it?

We recommend drinking lots of water and/or caffeine-free liquids when taking any fiber supplement as it will help to hydrate your digestive tract and help to move things along.

Can I add it to my morning coffee?

Yes! You can add it to coffee, tea, soups, yogurt, smoothies, water, and any hot or cold liquid of your choice.

How long will it take to start working?

You may see a difference as early as the first week. Consistency is key, the more you take it, the more it has a chance to work its way through your digestive tract.

Can I take Fiberus if I follow a LOW FODMAP diet?

Yes! It is certified by Monashe University.

Can I bake with Fiberus?

Yes! You can add Fiberus to whatever you are cooking and baking to increase the fiber content of those foods (just be sure it’s dissolved beforehand so you don’t get any clumps).

How many teaspoons is 7 grams?

Each scoop of Fiberus equals roughly 3 teaspoons.

Can I take ½ a scoop in the morning and half at night?

Yes! You can split the dose and still get the same effects.

How long does it take Fiberus (the powder) to dissolve?

It takes about 60 seconds or less for the powder to completely dissolve.

What makes Fiberus different from other fiber supplements?

We believe fiber supplements should not contain any unnecessary ingredients such as food coloring, artificial flavoring, artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Fiberus only contains one ingredient: guar fiber.

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