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Blood Sugar Benefits of Berberine for Women in Perimenopause and Menopause
Supports healthy blood sugar levels, insulin sensitivity and gut health with proven results.
Helps improve mood, heart health, and may support weight loss.
Science-Backed. Clinically proven ingredient for best results and absorption.
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Balance for your blood sugar, and beyond. During perimenopause and menopause, insulin resistance can cause your blood sugar levels to fluctuate. This leads to weight, brain, and mood issues—to name a few. That’s where Berberine comes in. The star ingredient in this high-quality supplement is berberine: a plant compound that is proven to support healthy blood sugar metabolism* and insulin sensitivity,* improve metabolic syndrome,* and boost gut health.* Berberine also has antimicrobial properties, helps to improve mood, improve cardiovascular health,* reduce inflammation,* support weight loss and fat metabolism,* and lower cholesterol.* We weren’t kidding when we said “and beyond.

Each Berberine softgel contains 400mg of premium grade berberine, with an enhanced emulsification delivery system to maximize its effects and absorption.

Berberine is a yellow plant compound that has been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. The incredible benefits of berberine have been shown in countless human and animal studies—many of which have been referenced below in our FAQs.

Berberine (400mg) per softgel

Other ingredients: Medium chain triglycerides, softgel ingredients (bovine gelatin, glycerine, purified water, annatto(color)), quillaja extract, Deltagold® tocotrienols

Take 2 to 3 softgels per day, in divided doses. Can be taken with or without food.

Is there solid research on berberine?

Yes! Lots of research. There are both human and animal studies backing up the incredible effects of this plant compound. Here are studies on mood and anxiety. Here is one on blood sugar regulation and another one on blood sugar regulation. This review shows how berberine has anti-inflammatory effects in the brain. This review article shows how berberine can help with glucose metabolism, lowering cholesterol, reducing inflammation and its antioxidant benefits. This meta-analysis showed how berberine has a positive effect on weight loss. These show berberine’s positive effect on gut health and gut microbiota. and this one metabolic syndrome. This animal study showed its effect on blood pressure

Can I take Berberine with my medications?

We always recommend speaking to your doctor about combining any medications with supplements.

Can I take your Berberine with Metformin?

We always recommend speaking to your doctor about combining any medications with supplements. Here is some research on berberine & metformin you can share with your doctor and here is research showing that it may be as effective as metformin. 

Other brands have 500mg of berberine per capsule. Why does yours only have 400mg? Isn’t more always better?

At Morphus we emphasize quality over quantity when it comes to dosing. We are strict about using high quality ingredients that are backed by research. Just because a capsule has more of an ingredient, doesn’t mean it is better for you, or that you’re absorbing it all. We used an enhanced emulsification delivery system for this product, which helps to maximize absorption and therefore its effects, so we can use less of it to get the same or similar results.  

Berberine has a bit of a bitter taste. Is that normal?

Yes! Although very mild and pretty much undetectable in the softgel, berberine itself has a bitter taste. If you detect it, it is completely normal and there is nothing wrong with the product.

How long can I take Berberine for?

According to WebMD, up to 1,500mg of Berberine can be used safely when taken everyday for six months. It is recommended to pulse your use of Berberine (meaning take a break every so often for at least 2 to 4 weeks then go back on it).

Where is Berberine made?

It is made in the US.

How long can I take Berberine for?

Berberine can be used safely when taken everyday for six months. It is recommended to pulse your use of Berberine (meaning take a break every so often for at least 2 to 4 weeks then go back on it). According to LiverTox: Clinical and Research Information on Drug-Induced Liver Injury, Berberine has not been linked to increased liver enzymes or "published instances of clinically apparent liver injury," and there have been few adverse effects.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Why Berberine?

Changes in hormone levels during perimenopause and menopause can trigger fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Berberine can help balance your blood sugar.

This Happens on the Roller Coaster Ride of Unbalanced Blood Sugar

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jennifer R. (South Carolina, United States)
Controls cravings

This product delivered. I could tell my blood sugar was more stable, giving me better energy, and helping to control my sugar cravings

Hi Jennifer. Thank you so much for your review. We are so happy to hear you love our Berberine! I take it as well and love it! ~ Andrea, Co-founder Morphus. xo


I haven’t tried it. But I am very xcited to use it wth my other minerals. I am taking my magnesium n sleepus at nite. And I sleep like a baby. I also take the Fiber everyday in my water or smoothies to help wth my digestion and starting with my 2nd order of Omega 3. Is amazing wth my brain function 🤗

Hi Juana. I am so happy to hear how much you're loving our Magnesium, Sleepus, Omega 3-T and Fiberus!! That makes me so happy!!! We appreciate your support for our products and are thrilled to be on this health journey with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! xo ~ Andrea, Co-founder, Morphus


Just wish the capsules were smaller